Zac Efron – Celebrity Body Transformations

Zac Efron – Celebrity Body Transformations

The pretty boy from America has been talked about for many years known for having some pretty sensational hair and a nice body, but not all the talk has been great, many have accused the star of steroid use as well as peptide use and (HGH) Human Growth Hormone, and that talk doesn’t look like it’s going to die down anytime soon especially with the pictures that were released from the upcoming 2016 Baywatch movie reboot where it would appear that he has taken his physique to a new level except the legs, I don’t think that Mr Efron has ever trained them.

So what steroids could have been used to get his physique to the current level, it would be old stables like Tren, mixed with low dosages of HGH and peptides, maybe even adding a DNP trip to lose any excess water weight. it wasn’t like he was out of shape before the Baywatch reboot, but there was gear talk before this new movie and a physique that diced to the socks won’t help matters.

So what do you guys think is he natty or enhanced? One must also take into account the tan, makeup, and lighting of the shot as well.

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