Vince McMahon – Celebrity Body Transformations

Vince McMahon – Celebrity Body Transformations

The chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment was destined to have a love for athletic achievements being born into a promotional wrestling family he would soon take the reigns and build a massive empire.

In the early years Mr McMahon wasn’t known for having a super muscular physique, but he had admirations of being a Mr Olympia, he used to train with Hulk Hogan after all, but in 1994 Hulk Hogan testified against Mr McMahon in a land mark criminal case that involved a lot of steroids, and prosecutors went after Mr McMahon for providing steroids to his performers in an attempt to make them more appealing to audience goers.

In the 1990’s the Mr McMahon character was born the over the top boss persona was developed with the help of Steve Austin they would eventually win the rating wars against WCW, Mr McMahon in the 1990’s had a great physique.

Fast forwarding to 2015 Mr McMahon would grace the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine looking massive in general let alone at the age of 69 when those photos were taken.

And people say that steroids and growth hormones don’t work, seems to be working pretty well for Vinnie MC.

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