Triple H – Celebrity Body Transformations

Triple H – Celebrity Body Transformations

The wrestling icon, movie star, married two a hot billionaire wife, well the accolades could go on but i digress, he is known for having one of the best physiques in the entertainment business, before wrestling he as an amateur bodybuilder and gym manager.

He was much smaller in his debut match for WWE than at his peak.

Triple H’s return 2002 after recovering from a quad tear.

Many allegations of steroid use have been faced by all wrestlers for many years other wrestlers have accused the star of taking (HGH) human growth hormone to add size to his frame, and have stated that if he never took (HGH) he would have never gained the size that he did.

2010 wasn’t a good year physically for Triple H, as many internet memes attest to, his body kind of changed his pectoral region definitely subsided, and he gained a lot of fat, by the looks of it his midsection wasn’t quite there either. Many people were shocked at his appearance the thing is, that people have to remember that people age, no one escapes it. Others have suggested that he went off the gear which could be there case maybe for health reasons, another reason why someone could go off gear is to start a family, that’s the time period that some of his children were conceived.

Regardless of the reason in 2016 Triple H looks to be in better shape than he ever has, so kudos to him for turning it around.

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