Tom Hardy – Celebrity Body Transformations

Tom Hardy – Celebrity Body Transformations

Has become quiet the action star as of late but before roles such as Warrior 2011 and The Dark Night Rises 2012, he wasn’t muscular at all, in fact he was a combination of skinny and fat with skinny limbs and a pot belly, before undergoing one hell of a transformation, which saw him increase his muscle mass exponentially at a rapid rate.

Unfortunately normal people such as yourself and others believe that these transformations are natural, that someone can go from being out of shape to jacked within a few weeks or months, the thing is you can’t now without some chemical help. Most people blindly believe that hard work, diet and dedication will achieve these results, the simple fact of the matter is they won’t not within 3 to 6 month timeframe which most actors credit their transformations with, yes hard work and diet is crucial but so are the peptides, steroids and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that these stars are on. After the role is over almost seemingly overnight most stars lose a large percentage of their gains once the drugs are stopped and the training and diet decreases.

If one looks back to a photo shoot in 2014 by Esquire magazine one can see if they focus on the chest area of Mr Hardy especially his nipple region that he has some breast tissue issues mainly some Gyno starting to develop.

If one looks at the next two pictures from 2012 and the movie set The Dark Knight Rises one can see a lot of acne is this due to steroids?

So what do you guys think natty or enhanced?

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