Stephen Amell – Celebrity Body Transformations

Stephen Amell – Celebrity Body Transformations

The Canadian born actor, best known for portraying the character Oliver Queen AKA the Green Arrow in the smash hit T.V show titled Arrow (2012-onwards)

Obviously for the role has got into incredible shape playing such a demanding physical character, below is a fan made mash up of his various workout videos.

But let’s face it he’s not a massive guy just a fit person most people standing next to him would most certainly be bigger and once you take way the lighting, makeup, camera angles, digital tough ups for the show you get his 2015 wrestling debut, where he appears fit but not overly muscular, this isn’t to mock his physique most people would love to have it, it’s just an attempt to shed light on how all the elements from a Hollywood production come together to produce a body that’s flawless.

Real life photo’s

T.V Show After editing.

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