Russell Crowe – Celebrity Body Transformations

Russell Crowe – Celebrity Body Transformations

The in demand New Zealand born actor, who wishes to be an Aussie ,hit stardom with his break out role in the year 2000 smash hit Gladiator playing Maximus, but ever since then Mr Crowe has had a roller coaster ride with his body weight. gaining weight, losing it again for certain roles than gaining it for certain roles such as 2008’s Body of Lies movie where he took his acting, craft, or maybe devotion to a whole new level gaining 63 pounds of weight to play a more heavier set character who weighed in at a hefty 257 pounds, he actually started to worry his physician and his cholesterol skyrocketed.

In his personal life Mr Crowe has also had some ups and downs in recent times and has appeared much heavier set as of late, it would appear that the dreaded middle aged spread has caught up with Mr Crowe so much so that the companies and studios behind the movies have become concerned with his weight and diet choices.

This can be best seen in 2014’s Winter’s Tale, where Mr Crowe transformed into a much leaner version of himself, due to a large part in the fact that the studio put some contractional obligations into Mr Crowe’s contract in an attempt to curve the bulge some of these obligations included but where not limited to a diet plan which he had to adhere to and even the provision of hiring a personal trainer and undertaking rigorous exercise, and if he broke these obligations this would mean the termination of his contract.

It would appear that even Hollywood needs to tangle a stick with a carrot in front of some of their stars from time to time.

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