Randy Orton – Celebrity Body Transformations

Randy Orton – Celebrity Body Transformations

Wrestler, entertainer, actor, guy with a short haircut the list could go on, he started out within his wrestling career within WWE as tall but leanly built guy.

Over the years Mr Orton has packed on some muscle mass, he’s definitely bigger but not hulking.

But back in 2007 Sports Illustrated published an online article on their own investigation into (HGH) human growth hormone and steroid use by athletes across a number of different sports and disciplines, a few WWE wrestlers where name including Mr Orton alleging that he ‘obtained’ drugs such as testosterone, stanozolol, syandrolone, nandrolone, clomiphene citrate and anastrozole, which in layman terms is a combination of injectable and orally taken steroids and medication to block some health related issues of steroid use mainly gyno AKA gynecomastia (male breast development).

WWE at that time stated that these allegations preceded their introduction of the ‘talent wellness program’ in 2006, therefore Mr Orton has nothing to answer for, he has though been suspended twice for violating the wellness program.

So what do you guys think are these guys and women in the so called entertainment business using enhancements such as steroids, peptides, human growth hormone and site injections?

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