Mike Tyson – Celebrity Body Transformations

Mike Tyson – Celebrity Body Transformations

Where to begin with Mr Tyson former heavy weight boxing king, actor, comedian, writer, T.V host, commentator, he’s done it all. One of the most enduring things about Mr Tyson in the face of such adversity and tragedy throughout his life, is the fact that he’s very outspoken telling the truth the way he sees it.

In his boxing heyday he has admitted to taking steroids, cocaine, using a prosthetic penis with clean urine to foil drug detection methods, even being completely high in some fights, he’s even admitted that if at the time he knew what human growth hormone was (HGH) he would have been on that too at the time to gain the competitive edge.

But after his career like so many other athletes the diet goes out the window and so too does the training and without the drugs in place to enhance the body the inevitable weight gain begins to happen, one continues to eat just as much as when they where a top athletes and the bulge starts to happen as the body cant burn the calories like it used to, as one can see Mr Tyson Ballooned.

But in recent years Mr Tyson has turned it around crediting becoming a Vegan in his weight loss issues dropping nearly 100 pounds and one has to say that a thinner Tyson looks a lot healthier than a fatter Tyson, but maybe he took the weight loss a little far looking more sickly, it’s never a good idea for a man to lose too much weight IMO.

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