Michael Jai White – Celebrity Body Transformations

Michael Jai White – Celebrity Body Transformations

Where to begin with Mr White’s body of work the action star has done so many movies across so many different genres it’s hard to pinpoint a fantastic body transformation because he’s constantly changing his physique per the genre he’s acting in. And on top of that Mr White’s body has always looked good due to great genetics hard work and diet not to mention his various athletic achievements he has earned, he has several different black belts across various martial arts disciplines.

So maybe the best way to look at his physique changes is to look at according to my own research and opinion it’s too hard select his best body transformation or packages from various movies and assorted times.

First we have Universal Soldiers the Return (1999), where Mr White put on a lot of muscle mass to play a universal soldier and the main bad guy Seth, interestingly enough it’s his second time playing a universal soldier also starring in the original 1992 Universal Soldier alongside Jean Claude Van Damme.

Than in 2006 one of the best fight movies of all time was released, Mr White starred alongside Scott Adkins in the Movie Undisputed 2 Last Man Standing, not adverse to losing weight Mr White lost some muscle or a better word is trimmed down to help other actors appear larger than they actually are.

And finally his impressive physique in the movie franchise Never Back Down (2011,2016)

So what do you guys think natty or enhanced?

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