Kevin Levrone – Celebrity Body Transformations

Kevin Levrone – Celebrity Body Transformations

The second in the honorable mention category is another bodybuilder much like Dexter Jackson, Kevin Levrone at one point in time mainly in the late 1990’s was one of the most aesthetically pleasing individuals of all time before retiring in the early 2000’s to focus on acting and other interests, but in 2016 Mr Levrone would shock the bodybuilding world by announcing a return to competition for the 2016 Mr Olympia at the age of 52!

The below image was taken from a 2008 Youtube video titled Burning Hollywood

Over the last few years within bodybuilding  there was talk that he would make a comeback and return to the sport, Levrone had started hitting the gym again while he was fit he wasn’t in Olympia condition and a few months out from the Olympia he announces his return in the hopes of winning the title.

Why should this matter one would ask? Well Mr Levrone is no ordinary human being, while many of his competitors in his heyday would lift and juice all year round and diet down for a show, Mr Levrone would grow into a show literally started juicing and lifting again a few months out from a show and come in on contest day with a massive physique.

While other bodybuilders gained a huge amount of weight in the offseason Mr Levrone would go off all the gear, the diet, the training and return to a seemingly normal physique before transforming, he’s a true freak of nature.

These pictures below are from the 2016 Mr Olympia press conference and a few are from days after the competition at age 52, its incredible it goes to show what a huge roll genetics play with the combination of Steroids, peptides, (HGH) human growth hormone.

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