John Cena – Celebrity Body Transformations

John Cena – Celebrity Body Transformations

Actor, wrestler, entertainer, T.V host, Make a Wish Foundation king and apparent all around nice guy has one of the most talked about physiques in the wrestling business.

Mr Cena has stated numerous times that he doesn’t use steroids, it’s a tried and true response for celebrities or sports stars, they either state they are not on them, they don’t work or they don’t need them or the best one is that they have never heard of a steroid apparently they missed high school and the educational seminars on steroid use.

But let’s look back at some of the evidence when Mr Cena debuted against Kurt Angle in 2002 for WWE, he was noticeably smaller which is interesting because before joining the WWE he was an amateur bodybuilder who appears to be a lot larger than his in ring debut.

Fast forwarding through his wrestling career, Cena started to change becoming a lot thicker and leaner and seemingly maintained that look all year round. Many could assume that it’s due to good genetics, hard work, and diet which could be quite possible.

Throughout his career he’s had numerous injuries requiring major surgeries, only to come back bigger, stronger and much quicker that what doctors expected sometimes months before doctors expected, is he blessed with superhuman healing powers? Or is it the human growth hormone (HGH), peptides and steroids that are responsible for accelerated healing.

Another thing to consider is that Mr Cena has always had a good hairline, but over the years he has lost the crown region of hair, could this be a sign of steroids? (If you are interested in celebrity hair loss follow our sister site the simple truth of the matter is that nobody can be certain that anyone takes chemical enhancements, some people are just blessed with great genetics is this the case with Mr Cena is he enhanced or natty?

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