Jessica Biel – Celebrity Body Transformations

Jessica Biel – Celebrity Body Transformations

From 7th Heaven fame (1996-2006) to block buster femme fatale, Ms Biel has undergone one hell of a transformation in recent years.

While she always looked lovely, her ‘true’ fitness transformation started back in 2004 when she signed on to the movie franchise Blade, more specifically Blade Trinity, playing a kickass vampire hunter named Abigail Whistler.

Ms Biel obviously continued the fitness training because she looked even more lethal in the Total Recall reboot in 2012.

Surprisingly one of her best features is her upper body and what I mean by that is her arms, many women want to ascertain that muscularity, fortunately arms or guns such as hers is quiet achievable with the right diet and exercise regime. She is obviously already has great genetics, and I would say she does a combination of exercise to achieve her arms such as pull-ups, triceps extensions and barbell and dumbbell curls and various isolation movements.

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