Jennifer Aniston – Celebrity Body Transformations

Jennifer Aniston – Celebrity Body Transformations

Born in America is the epitome of girl next door with the classic girl next door looks and charm is Ms Aniston, and at the time of writing this article she is 47 and still looks fantastic, but trying to nail down here fitness and diet secrets is rather hard due to the fact that she is notoriously private and rarely opens up on these issues.

She obviously has great genetics, Ms Aniston states one can’t simply really on mother nature, she has divulged that she does an intense workout for at least 40 minutes to an hour each day and tries to switch up her exercises as often as time permits to shock the body, as for her diet, she states that she keeps it clean all year round focusing on organic vegetables and fruits and drinking lots of water.

There was some controversy in 2012 while Ms Aniston was filming The Millers, she did rely on a body double supposedly half her age for the lingerie/underwear segment of the movie, others have stated that she herself did the lingerie bit then handed it over to her body double to do the more risqué explosive underwear shots, but no one can really be certain it’s not like it’s the first time a body double has been used to enhance the beauty of an ageing star.

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