Jean-Claude Van Damme – Celebrity Body Transformations

Jean-Claude Van Damme – Celebrity Body Transformations

Where does one start with the action star of the 90’s and at one point in time he was Hollywood royalty, but he wasn’t always referred to as the Muscles from Brussels, his father initially introduced him to mix martial arts at the age of 11 years old, because the younger Van Damme was physically weak, he went on to train for many years and eventually fought in semi contact and full contact matches all around the globe for many years before finally setting his sights on Tinseltown.

Since Mr Van Damme has had such a long career in Hollywood maybe the best way to show of the work of art that is his body is to hand pick some of his best roles.

BloodSport (1988)

The movie that would launch the career of a young Van Damme initially sat on a shelf for two years after filming, due to being so bad, but after two years of cutting and editing it was finally released and became a box office hit at the time.

Kickboxer (1989)

The movie based on Muay Thai, cemented a young Van Damme as an action hero.

Universal Soldiers (1992)

One of the best cyborg for a lack of a better term movies of all time pitted Mr Van Damme against Dolph Lundgren.

Street Fighter (1994)

Even know this movie was panned by critics, Mr Van Damme bought the muscles to this movie, and he’s still doing some of the same poses in 2016.

The Expendables 2 (2012)

Mr Van Damme made a return to Hollywood after years of being blacklisted and one has to say he brought an impressive physique for his age.

Social media Grabs from various years 2015/2016 as one can see for his age he looks pretty good all things considered.

If you are interested in following this celebrity, why not follow the link below to our sister site to see this stars hair restoration attempts (Jean-Claude Van Damme’s hair loss), did they have a successful hair transplant? Or are they still losing their hair follicles? (

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