Jamie Lee Curtis – Celebrity Body Transformations

Jamie Lee Curtis – Celebrity Body Transformations

Possibly one of the most underrated actresses of her generation Ms Curtis has an impressive body of work to her name, many great movies can be attributed to her acting ability and charm, but many overlook her flawless physique, so maybe the best way to showcase her physique is to go back in time to one of her more classic looks.

1985 the movie titled Perfect

True Lies (1994)

Ms Curtis is also an activist of sorts her argument or area of interest revolves around peoples, especially within Tinseltown’s obsession with anti aging, in 2002 Ms Curtis at the age of 43 did a photo shoot for More magazine with no retouching of the image and without makeup, she is fed up with unrealistic beauty standards into days media. She did this photo shoot in the hopes that it would one day lead to ‘real’ and less manipulated images of celebrities.

Ms Curtis 2015 and 57 at the time.

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