Jake Gyllenhaal – Celebrity Body Transformations

Jake Gyllenhaal – Celebrity Body Transformations

Over the last few years has starred in some very good films, and one would say that he takes his acting very seriously, always doing his physical best to either put on muscle mass or lose it entirely for said roles.

In 2010’s Prince of Persia Mr Gyllenhaal bulked up for the role becoming quiet muscular and ripped but even this was not enough for the show’s creators and thus they decided to enhance his body composition by graphically enhancing his muscularity. If one looks closely at the picture below one can see that the creators of the film photo shopped his physique but forgot to put his nipples back in after the editing was done, this was an early promotional shot for the film.

Mr Gyllenhaal would totally retransform himself by losing all the muscle and with that considerable weight to play the main roll in 2014’s Nightcrawler.

And then again Mr Gyllenhaal would gain more muscle back in 2015’s boxing film in a very short amount of time, many questioned if the star has used steroids, peptides, HGH (Human Growth Hormone), etc to ascertain this sturdy physique in such a short amount of time since being so malnutritioned in the previous role.

One thing is for sure muscle memory doesn’t add up to his current physique and quickly after filming the boxing role Mr Gyllenhaal quickly lost a lot of the muscle mass.

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