Hugh Jackman – Celebrity Body Transformations

Hugh Jackman – Celebrity Body Transformations

The Australian born leading actor has gone through quiet the body transformation in recent years from skinny not so athletic guy to bulky action superhero it’s been quiet the turn around.

His body transformation began back in 1999/2000 while getting into shape for X-Men where he would play the lead character Wolverine.

Than in 2004’s Van Helsing Mr Jackman bought a much leaner physique to the big screen.

Fast forwarding nearly a decade to 2013’s blockbuster titled The Wolverine and Mr Jackman looked swell.

It’s clear to see that he’s gone through one hell of a body transformation since the year 2000, and he is still playing the iconic Wolverine in the yet to be released movie titled Logan (2017). But there has been a lot of controversy surrounding his physique especially when you compare the year 2000 Wolverine with the year 2013’s.

Many have accused the star of abusing steroids, peptides and human growth hormones (HGH) over the years to achieve such a physique and those people could be right, let’s face it to play an iconic superhero, one must really need to get into shape. The audience won’t buy it and the role will go to someone else and this role has certainly made his career. Evidence of steroids may be due to his hairline shifting but many celebrities undergo hair transplants and it’s not always a sign of steroid use many people lose their hair regardless.

One interesting note to make is that of Mr Jackman’s appearance on WWE wrestling show Raw around the time that the X-men and Wolverine movies had been launched for publicity, within these two appearances he never reveals his physique always covering it up with either a long sleeve shirt or a button up, are they trying to hide the fact that in reality he’s not very jacked? Is there some trick involved with these movies shoots such as body doubles, lighting, makeup, wardrobe and CGI all combining together to give a somewhat visual aid and enhance the notion that they are trying to push.

There’s no argument that Mr Jackman has a great physique in real life see below but maybe some visual trickery also comes into play.

So what do you guys think natty or enhanced? One should also take into consideration that it’s been a long transformation from the year 2000 to 2016 and beyond a 16+ year pursuit, not a fake 3 month celebrity PR package.

If you are interested in following this celebrity, why not follow the link below to our sister site to see this stars hair restoration attempts (Hugh Jackman’s hair loss), did they have a successful hair transplant? Or are they still losing their hair follicles? (

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