Hilary Swank – Celebrity Body Transformations

Hilary Swank – Celebrity Body Transformations

The American born beauty, who has won to date two Oscars isn’t afraid to transform herself from hometown girl into something totally different, which can be best exemplified in two very different movies the first being in 1999 with Boys Don’t Cry and then again in 2004 with Million Dollar Baby, interestingly enough she won both her Oscars within these two films.

In her greatest body transformation Ms Swank went from skinny to a much more defined muscular look crediting her training regime of six days a week of training for four and a half hours a day, and that of her diet plan eating nine meals a day which mainly consisted of protein, she even went as far as waking from her normal sleep routine to consume protein.

She put on an impressive 19 pounds of muscle for the role and has stated that she has much more respect for her body after seeing what it’s capable of.

So what do you guys think natty or enhanced?

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