Guy Pearce – Celebrity Body Transformations

Guy Pearce – Celebrity Body Transformations

One of the finest character actors in recent memory, has had a very long career carving out some seriously good roles, he’s not adverse to changing his whole appearance either for the love of his craft.

In Memento (2000) Mr Pearce bought in a very lean looking package.

Fast forwarding to 2012 and the movie Lockout Mr Pearce totally transformed himself bulking up to play the mercenary named Snow.

Than in 2015 Mr Pearce starred in a black comedy titled Results poking fun at the fitness culture and lifestyle.

If you are interested in following this celebrity, why not follow the link below to our sister site to see this stars hair restoration attempts (Guy Pearce’s hair loss), did they have a successful hair transplant? Or are they still losing their hair follicles? (

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