Goldie Hawn – Celebrity Body Transformations

Goldie Hawn – Celebrity Body Transformations

The iconic actress who did most of her work in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s has always been thought of as a rare beauty.

Now aged 60 Ms Hawn is still looking fabulous while most people her age are falling apart or moving into a retirement village Ms Hawn is still working out crediting her physique with simple diet and exercise pointers, she truly believes that most people overeat and complicate their diet and exercise regiments.

Her keys to successful dieting and exercise are firstly juicing, no not steroids, but preparing the meal as a juice, and or liquid from, not mixing her foods too much and keeping her food choices light and simple. Ms Hawn also believes in daily exercise doing some form of it daily keeps one young and who can argue with her.

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