Gerard Butler – Celebrity Body Transformations

Gerard Butler – Celebrity Body Transformations

Know as quiet the action man over the last few years in Tinseltown, Mr Butler undertook a massive body transformation in 2005/06 to play King Leonides in the hit movie titled 300, many criticised the action star after his very quick transformation from skinny normal guy to muscle bound jock. They suggested that he used steroids, peptides and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to achieve the desired look and they may be correct in that assumption because soon after the role he lost all those muscle poundage gains.

But one must not forget that hard training and diet was also a major factor in achieving this physique goal, one should also remember that camera angles, wardrobe, makeup, and the correct use of lighting all contributed to the polished look for that body transformation that even before film editing and adjustments are added.

In recent years Mr Butler has remained active but is no longer concerned with a six pack, but rather with a healthy body and at age of 47 at the time of writing this article he looks pretty good.


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