Dwayne Johnson – Celebrity Body Transformations

Dwayne Johnson – Celebrity Body Transformations

As far as celebrities go Mr Johnson is in a different sphere, first entering into the family tradition of wrestling and entertainment, before quickly transforming into a Hollywood box office juggernaut.

But for years questions have been raised about his muscular physique, in his wrestling days Mr Johnson was big but not overly so, if one looks closely at his in ring debut one see noticeable gynecomastia (female breast tissue) a common side effect of steroid use, he later had surgery to correct this issue, even John Cena made various jokes about Mr Johnson’s chest and how many surgeries he has had to correct this issue.

Once Mr Johnson retired from focusing on wrestling to pursue acting in the early 2000’s Mr Johnson lost most of his muscle mass, indeed he looked sick, maybe someone told him to lose the muscle mass to be taken seriously in Hollywood or maybe he went off the juice for a while.

Then fast forward a few years and Mr Johnson is bigger and badder than ever with a massive physique rivaling some pro bodybuilders, many have stated that he uses steroids and HGH (human Growth Hormone) and they may be correct the evidence of gynecomastia (female breast tissue) , hair loss, and in 2014’s Hercules movie Mr Johnson had abdominal surgery to correct what some would call a hernia but others have suggest that the combination of steroids, HGH and insulin caused the issue in regards to his abdominal problems.

A little know fact about insulin and HGH consumption in large quantities is that why it may make an individual muscular it also grows all the tissues in the body including intestines, which with abuse and high dosages of said products weakens the abdominal area resulting in the intestines breaking through the abdominal wall, which in turn requires surgery to fix.

Many pro bodybuilders have gone under the knife to fix this issue, did this happen to Mr Johnson? No one can be certain but less than two weeks later he was back working out again after surgery, funny how top athletes across the globe can have major surgery and return to training bigger stronger and fast than when they got injured with an accelerated rate of healing must be those “genetics”.

In a 2013 interview for the movie Pain & Gain Mr Johnson denied using steroids or any other medication to assist said physique, but many would assume that he is telling little white lies in this area.

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