Dexter Jackson – Celebrity Body Transformations

Dexter Jackson – Celebrity Body Transformations

Since this is a fitness, celebrity blog I used the term celebrity loosely on many of these individuals, it would be silly not to mention some but not all bodybuilders for those who are fans of the area of fitness. And today’s subject is a man named Dexter Jackson who is at the time of writing said article 47 years of age still competing and beating much younger competitors and is still ranked within the top 3 professional bodybuilders of 2016.

The former Mr Olympia who won the title in 08 is still competing and is showing no signs of age, while he may be referred to as Dexter the Blade Jackson, many refer to him as the Immortal or vampire as he never ages, many internet memes poke fun at this and his ageless physique.

One of the most impressive wins of Mr Jackson’s career came in 2016 when he won the first Mr Olympia Europe title, so after 8 years after winning the Mr Olympia title I guess we can call this the USA title in 2016? He now wins the Mr Olympia Europe title as well.

Ones got to admire some of the best genetics in the business combined with other enhancements such as steroids, peptides, (HGH) human growth hormone.

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