Dave Bautista – Celebrity Body Transformations

Dave Bautista – Celebrity Body Transformations

The former wrestler turned Hollywood actor has had for many years and impressive physique being one of the most dominate stars at that time.

Mr Bautista at 18 years of age

Before wrestling though he was a 300 pound amateur bodybuilder this supposed small photo shows Mr Bautista in the year 2000 in the offseason.

In his OVW and WWE wrestling days he was much more defined, but injuries soon caught up with the animal.

Once he retired Mr Bautista moved onto acting and at some point decided to slim down, obviously it’s not healthy to be heavy and one could say he looks much healthier slimmer and diced to the soxs than bulked up.

Fast forwarding to his wrestling return in 2014 fans were shocked at his physique appearance, they obviously forget that people age and upon his in ring return he was 45 years of age at that time.

But in October 2015 it would appear that Mr Bautista regained a lot of his size for a Muscle & Fitness cover, he also bulked up for a few movies around this time.

Whatever the case is he still has an impressive physique for his age.

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