Chris Hemsworth – Celebrity Body Transformations

Chris Hemsworth – Celebrity Body Transformations

Use to be the skinny kid from Summer Bay, not too long ago, before transforming himself into Thor, with a new found superhero body many questioned how he ascertained such a physique in such a little amount of time.

More controversy would follow surrounding the release of Thor as his “workout plan” was also published in many major muscle mags, and those with even a little sense could see that this so called workout plan could not transform the human body into a bodybuilder physique in a lifetime let alone 3 to 4 months.

So apart from the obvious use of steroids and HGH (human Growth Hormone), how could Hollywood have enhanced his physique in the movie, the answer to this is in many ways, from long distance, wide angle camera shots, to using furniture, props, clothing etc that are smaller than normal sizes, hell even pairing Mr Hemsworth up with a female actor the likes of Natalie Portman her height is only 1.6m so anyone would look massive next to her small petite frame. Even the famous scene with Thor’s hammer the camera angle, lighting, water effects and the prop hammer itself could have all been changed to enhance his physique. Even before audiences get to see the final scene in a show or a movie that scene goes under numerous revisions and enhancements in the editing booth.

One thing is for sure though Mr Hemsworth stacks on the muscle mass around the time he shoots Thor, then he seemingly lose it rather quickly which can been see in the movie Vacation (2015) & In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

The other thing to remember that actors are under enormous pressure to get a role and if the company making the movie wants someone to look like a superhero than that’s what they are going to get, actors will always put themselves in dangerous scenarios to achieve a ‘ look’ for a movie or an audience because that look may make them or break them in Tinseltown, and the monetary gains that may follow will always overshadow any health related risks in the future.

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