Catherine Zeta-Jones – Celebrity Body Transformations

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Celebrity Body Transformations

The United Kingdom born actress is known for her natural beauty and over the years has become Hollywood royalty, her break out roll was in 1998 in the movie titled The Mask of Zorro, where fans fell in love with the sexy Ms Jones.

Fast forwarding to 2015 and one would Ms Jones got rather upset with the paparazzi taking photos of her frolicking at the beach, the photo that she hated the most was the paparazzi arse photo.

After seeing the photos that they published she made her husband take some ‘better’ photos of her arse and flat stomach, poor guy, and posted it to her Instagram account. It seems funny that a star would take offence to such photo’s, drawing more attention to photos that would have probably gone unnoticed but that’s vanity for you.

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