Cameron Diaz – Celebrity Body Transformations

Cameron Diaz – Celebrity Body Transformations

Another American born beauty who seemingly has a flawless figure, tallish, leggy, blonde bombshell comes to mind has also recently released her own health and fitness book, so one can assume that she’s in good shape right?

While she maybe a gym junkie these days, she wasn’t always so health conscious, it wasn’t until the age of 26 when she quit smoking and the movie role for Charlie’s Angels (2000) appeared did she start to take training seriously, she also confesses she had poor dietary habits until then.

And we would say that dieting and training have panned off well from Ms Diaz, but she still enjoys old habits like eating varying types of cheeses and yes unlike some other Hollywood starlets she still enjoys carbs and won’t live without them. She also ins’t worried about aging praising the foundations of healthy living at a young age.

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