Brock Lesnar – Celebrity Body Transformations

Brock Lesnar – Celebrity Body Transformations

Better known as the beast incarnate the pro wrestler, entertainer, from UFC heavyweight champion, may be one hell of an athlete but one thing is clear that he ain’t natty, his transformation from skinny bean poll teen to 260+ pound monster at an early age should send out red alerts sky high.

It how ever has been brushed aside recently when Mr Lesnar failed three drug tests for the UFC through the anti doping agency “USADA” he tested positive for anti-estrogen blockers, which combat the side effects of steroid use, these blockers are also able to some degree block said detection of some steroids in some very limited cases.

Apparently Mr Lesnar is mounting a defense based on the fact that he is a “white boy who is jacked deal with it” and he is also going down a very familiar road or indeed a staple road for many other athletes of stating that he’s never heard of steroids and it must have been from a “tainted” supplement.

Apparently Mr Lesnar would also like you to forget that in January 2001 he was arrested for opening a package that was addressed to him that contained a huge quantity of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), apparently he hired one fantastic lawyer because the case against him was dropped four months later, but yet he’s never touched said substances or knows what they do.

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