Britney Spears – Celebrity Body Transformations

Britney Spears – Celebrity Body Transformations

The singer, entertainer burst onto the scene in the late 90’s with smash hit after smash hit, and at the time she was an incredibly fit looking young woman.

Fast-forward after a few kids and Ms Spears still looks incredible, but a ‘fan’ in April 2015 took it upon himself to ‘fat shame’ her while she was on stage performing in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood resort, Ms Spears wasn’t too please and fired back at the audience.

It can’t be easy to maintain a toned physique 365 days a year and combine that with wearing her wardrobe attire as well for stage performances.

While Ms Spears is far from ‘fat’ Tinseltowns obsession with size zero stick figures doesn’t help matters prompting stick thin as the new norm. By the end of August 2015 for the VMA Awards Ms Spears looked incredible once again looked very toned.

Her Instagram account now is a homage to working out always posting selfies of her toned body, well that’s one way to destroy a heckler, apart from being mega rich and successful that is.

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