Brad Pitt – Celebrity Body Transformations

Brad Pitt – Celebrity Body Transformations

The man who would define a generation on what one considers sexy, has had a remarkable career and over his many decades in cinema has shown of his remarkable body a few times.

So maybe the best way of displaying his physique is to through some of his best shirtless rolls.

Thelma & Louise (1991)

A young Brad Pitt showed off some ABS and sent the ladies into Pitt Frenzy.

Fightclub (1999)

Mr Pitt showed off a diced to the sox look playing the figment character Tyler Durden.

Snatch (2000)

He played the very drunk Mickey O. Neil

Troy (2004)

Mr Pitt played a bulked up character named Achilles and this is where the internet controversy begins on Pitt and steroids many claiming that he went on the juice to achieve the desired look.

Fury (2014)

Mr Pitt again showed off an impressive body for this role not as ripped as before but still impressive.

Do we believe that Pitt has taken steroids, peptides or Growth Hormone (HGH) to achieve any of these physiques? One can never be truly certain but our conclusion is no, he’s not a bulky guy just a lean guy with some nice muscle structure and abs, some would say he’s genetically gifted.

So what do you guys think is he Natty or Enhanced?

If you are interested in following this celebrity, why not follow the link below to our sister site to see this stars hair restoration attempts (Brad Pitt’s hair loss), did they have a successful hair transplant? Or are they still losing their hair follicles? (

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