Ben Affleck – Celebrity Body Transformations

Ben Affleck – Celebrity Body Transformations

The confusing and intriguing case of Mr Affleck, we all know that Mr Affleck as an award winning actor, he has starred in a plethora of hits movies over the years, but one thing that is puzzling is his body shape from thin to flab to muscular, Mr Affleck has seen it all.

While some of these photos were taken after the split from his Wife in 2016, and obviously he was eating comfort food to deal with the psychological torment, but one thing’s for certain there’s something not quite right with his pectoral region, it would appear that he suffers from Gyno aka gynecomastia (male breast tissue)

Then if one looks back to 2015 and earlier in 2016 he appears to be in shape for Batman Vs Superman, it’s kind of weird, when one thinks about it he has signed on to do a lot of Batman’s in different variants, you would think that staying lean and toned would be easier than starting over again?

One also has to take into account that within the Batman ‘training’ sequences camera angles, lighting, and makeup and the before and after pump up all play a role in the overall tone that’s before editors get their hands on the footage, one could also assume that he preloaded a lot off diuretics and cut water intake way before shooting as well. It could also be a body double as well no one really knows.

Over the last few months looking at all these body transformations for this site, Mr Affleck stands out the most because I remain unconvinced that it’s his body on the screen, it’s very confusing and here is a shot from later in 2016 where Mr Affleck looks slim again, Mr Aflleck what are you up to?

If you are interested in following this celebrity, why not follow the link below to our sister site to see this stars hair restoration attempts (Ben Affleck’s hair loss), did they have a successful hair transplant? Or are they still losing their hair follicles? (

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