Arnold Schwarzenegger – Celebrity Body Transformations

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Celebrity Body Transformations

The grandfather of bodybuilding has always had an incredible physique weather is be back in his bodybuilding heyday or for various movie roles he has always looked sharp, and Mr Schwarzenegger has never denied using steroids to achieve his lofty physique, especially when he won seven Mr Olympia’s.

But in 1997 MR Schwarzenegger’s Heart decided to give out requiring surgery to repair valves that were damaged, most probably by steroid use, it was the first of a few heart surgeries for the star, while heart complications runs in his family his mother and grandmother both died from heart complications, one most consider already have the genetics for heart complications than adding steroids into the mix only exacerbated the issue.

Fast forward to 2005 and some not so flattering pictures emerged of Mr Schwarzenegger in a Speedo, many fans were surprised that he had lost so much muscle and gained a little flab in the process, when your an icon like Mr Schwarzenegger a man who single handedly created the body building, workout phenomena as one understands it today there will always be critics.

The big problem is that after heart surgery Mr Schwarzenegger, according to friends struggle to regain his mass, but it was futile as he would never fully recover from such major surgery, And one also has to consider that he can no longer take steroids to transform his body due to his heart condition, and when one stops taking steroids most people will revert back to their normal size.

Fast forwarding again to 2014 and well into his mid 60’s fans were amazed that he looked so good, shirtless again minus that Speedo problem. When one considers what most 60 year old guys look like he’s in amazing shape.

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