The blog was created to showcase that celebrities are normal everyday people, once you strip away the hype, makeup, money and entourage, that they are indeed just like you and me, they suffer the same fears, same health related problems that the average person does.

Celebrity body transformations and de-transformations

Not every celebrity is created equal, some start from obese funny people than transform themselves into better versions of themselves, other celebrities and sports personalities start fit and end in flab, this website will explore some of the best celebrity body transformations and deformations from the world of celebrities out there.

Body Image and you

Celebrities aren’t you, they usually have access to far greater opportunities than yourself, they have a team of stylists, PR managers, and a team that caters to their every need, personal trainers, dieticians & chefs and then there are the less know tricks of the trade, such as site injections, surgeries such as liposuction, rib removal, yes it’s been done, chemical enhancements such as steroids, growth hormones, t3, clen, dnp, Photoshop and filters, makeup adding density and even video software editing tricks that edit scars, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. so don’t beat yourself up so much these celebrities are far from perfect in the real world.

It should be noted that everything that one individual sees in movies & T.V, magazines, online forms of media today has been digitally altered to to make it look and appear more aesthetically pleasing so that’s what this website explores.

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